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[Adrian Cooke] Hi, I’m Adrian Cooke. I manage and develop online communications for alumni at Wesleyan University. Here’s my LinkedIn page. This site contains various web publishing notes, code and examples. Get in touch at (I’m also on Facebook, but it’s under duress.)

Fundraising progress bar
Using jQuery UI to make a horizontal fundraising progress bar.
Josef Albers color task
A Learning Objects project with Mariah Klaneski Reisner.
Testing z-index
Understanding how z-axis stacking context works.
Embedding Brightcove
A look at the HTML5-friendly embedding code for Brightcove videos and playlists with a workaround using iframe for Wesconnect.
Touch icon
Method for adding an Apple Touch Icon for high resolution home screen icons on iOS and website thumbnails in supported browsers. And in Coda :)
Embedding SoundCloud audio
Embedding an audio file using the SoundCloud HTML5 player
Embedding Flash audio
Embedding an audio file using Martin Laine’s Flash audio player
Embedding a Flickr feed using jQuery
Using cookies to display an alert on the first visit
Adding show/hide behavior using jQuery
Embedding Twitter content via JSON
Ma.gnolia, JavaScript and JSON
Map 1, Map 2
Google Maps API, two examples
Form validation warnings
Curved Corners
Promotions boxes
Graphic EQ
table element
Flickr-style outlines using CSS image maps
Highlighting areas of an element on hover to call out notes or other functionality
Using the button element on forms
Better form buttons, more styling options
Search Feedback UI
Suggestion for encouraging Web Search user feedback
The CSS Box Model
An explanation of margins and padding
HTML and XHTML page wrappers
Example for University Calendar
Adding feeds for channels defined in Channel Maker
Accessible includes
Markup recommendation for public pages
Combined feeds using Yahoo! Pipes
Creating an aggregated Wesleyan University RSS feed
How to Make a Facebook Page
Focuses on customizing the sidebar using Static FBML
Getting started with RSS
Information about using feeds
Campus beauty gallery with full screen feature
Standard YouTube video embedding
Technique for embedding a regluar YouTube video
High quality YouTube video
Technique for embedding higher quality YouTube video
Chart objects
Data reporting using XML/SWF Charts
Main to sub-directory redirection with a FrontPage workaround
Redirecting a main URL to a sub-directory using .htaccess
Time-based redirection with FrontPage Server Extensions
Changing page content using .htaccess
Backing up your Mac
Using SuperDuper! and a FireWire drive
Notes from the Higher Education Web Symposium 2008
July 15–16, Philadelphia, PA